East Creek Older Person's Action Program (OPAP)

Welcome All!

Last month’s Carnival of Flowers was another success for our colourful city, bringing the beginning of our end of year celebrations into full swing. Before that, we are celebrating our Stroke Awareness morning tea on Thursday the 4th October, and we would like to extend an invitation to all to help us demonstrate our support. A stroke can happen to any age group including infants and children, and our passionate group leader Nancy is doing her best at her Thursday group, to help with the recovery.

On the 10th and 11th October, a QCOSS expo will be held at the City Golf Club. We will be having a market stall between 4pm and 6pm on Wednesday 10th October. This is a good opportunity to learn what is available and to grab some dinner afterwards. A note about the prolonged renovations on the Kitchener Street premises. It looks like we are not moving during October! We are definitely ready to go back to our nice old place at 43 Kitchener Street, but it will be a little while longer.

Have you read about the ‘My Health for Life Right For You’ program in the September edition? It’s worth having a look at. You can call the phone number 13 74 75 to register and find out more. This is a great opportunity to access a free and holistic program.

Warm regards, Bea.

Safety While Out and About

If your out and about away from home, perhaps running errands or out for a walk, follow these tips from the Queensland Police Service from their 'Confident, Safe and Secure - a Handbook for Safety for Seniors ' to feel more safe and secure.

  • Put your money in different pockets or parts of your handbag
  • Use ATMs in public places where you can be seen by many people
  • When walking, avoid short-cuts and dark, unlit areas
  • When walking, carry a mobile phone or money for a phone call
  • Sit near the bus driver or train driver/guard
  • When returning home in a taxi, have the driver wait until you're safely inside
  • Consider carrying a whistle or carry a personal security alarm
  • Park car in well-lit areas
  • Lock your car doors and keep valuables out of sight when driving
  • Have your keys ready before you walk to your car.
  • If you are confronted by someone who is trying to take your bag, give it to them. This may go against all your instincts, but remember that no amount of money or inconvenience is worth personal injury.

The Aim of OPAP

To provide support to seniors by assisting them through social and personal development activities to promote confidence, self esteem and independence. Linking vulnerable older people to local services and social support networks. Raising awareness of the needs and issues of seniors whilst breaking down the barriers of those who are socially isolated.

OPAP Offers:

Broad, flexible, stimulating and strengthening program of activities.

Personal activity packages that are customised for client's needs.

Assessment points to support the client towards independent management of their program.

Personalised introduction at client's first activity appointments to lessen anxiety and increase retention.

Strengthening agencies work with older people.

Provide opportunities for trained volunteers to work within the OPAP program.

Community wide celebration of older people's achievements and contributions.

To encourage and support Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and CALD older people to participate in the Program.

Use of interpreters for CALD clients.


Social, recreational and educational activities are offered through East Creek Community Centre, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Community bus trips
  • Luncheons
  • Guest Speakers
  • Friendship Support
  • 'Safety in the Neighbourhood' Information
  • Heartmoves at Willows
  • Morning with the Stars
  • Walking groups
  • Eating with Friends Program


The Older People's Action Program was established by the Department of Communities (Queensland Government) in 1995, to assist seniors at risk of social isolation. Projects funded under the Older People's Action Program aim to assist seniors to increase their social participation and reduce fear of crime and increase their sense of safety and security in their communities.   


East Creek Older Person's Action Program (OPAP)
43 Kitchener Street
PO Box 4859
Toowoomba 4350
Phone: (07) 4639 2755

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