Centre Renovation and Relocation 2018

We are Moving!
We anticipate returning to the Kitchener Street premises from Wednesday 21st November. To allow for the move the center will be closed from Friday the 16th November through until Tuesday 20th November (inclusive) to allow us to pack, move and unpack. Services will be impacted during these weeks, our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please keep an eye on this section for further updates as they develop.

Please note our normal phone numbers have now been reinstated. Please call 07 4639 2755 or 07 4639 2038 if you endeavour to contact us via phone. We have had reports from clients regarding not 'getting through' to use using these numbers. We have investigated these issues and we have the following to report:

1. The power point to which our phones are connected to are directly next to a light switch at the Regents building. It has come to our attention that people have been turning off both switches accidentally, thus turning the phones off as well. We have placed some signage and will tape down the offending switch to ensure that no disconnections occur unnecessarily.

2. There is a known issue that the phone on our end will only ring 4 times before the answering system will kick in (that is before the 6 our backup voicemail will kick in), however this may not always ring out the whole 4 times. We are investigating solutions to this.

3. Due to damage sustained in the move to some of our handsets / charging bases, it may take us longer to reach the phones. We are seeking a replacement solution.

4. The backup voicemail is set to activate in the event that the phones are engaged, and should give a different message to the normal. In this case, try calling our backup number.

5. Faxes still attempt to come through the backup line (even though we no longer have a fax system setup), and may engage the line. Solutions are being investigated.

Please keep in mind that either of the aforementioned timeframes may or may not be altered as the date of commencement draws nearer due to factors beyond our control (ie, moving services). Thank you for your patience and understanding, and stay tuned to this space on our website or on our Facebook page to ensure you are up-to-date in these times of change.


East Creek Staff

A Word from Sally

Hello Everyone,

We have moved to our new premises and are looking forward to our old Kitchener St premises being ready to move back into, hopefully by the end of September. Exciting news also is that we are now registered through the Australian Neighbourhood Centre and Houses Association (ANCHA) for tax deductible gift status. That means you can now donate money through us and receive a tax deductible receipt. Donations must be above $20 in order to receive a tax deductible receipt. We are hoping to raise money to buy a new bus and also some new furniture and equipment when we move back into Kitchener St. So think of us next time you are considering donating some money, you will be able to see directly where your money is being spent Our new address has meant that we can walk different places with our walking group. We enjoyed a lovely uphill walk to Picnic Point just recently, the views were well worth the effort.

We will be increasing the prices of our social groups from August. Our groups and CLP lessons will now be $3 per person and computer lessons will now attract a $3 per lesson fee. Whilst we did not want to increase these fees, increasing running costs has meant that we have had to implement these increases. If you have difficulty paying these please talk to staff. Individual circumstances will be taken into consideration. You are welcome to talk to me if you have any concerns.

Our playgroup is now being held here at Regents every Friday in the downstairs area from 10 am to 12pm. Sally B is the coordinator and does a fantastic job. Everyone with small children is welcome.

In September we will be having our Adult Learners Week event. We will be having guest speakers, raffles and our usual fabulous morning tea. Come along and learn about our Community Literacy Program and other learning opportunities for adults in the community. It is on Wednesday the 12th of September and starts at 10 am and goes until 12 pm. RSVP either by phone on 46392755 or email info@eastcreek.com.au. Gold coin donation appreciated on the day. Hope to see you there!

In October we will be having our Stroke Awareness Morning Tea. Our Stroke group will be hosting this event. We have a guest speaker from the Stroke Foundation talking about the signs of stroke and what you need to do if you suspect someone is having a stroke. As usual there will be a wonderful morning tea (but this happens every week with this group) and raffles to make it all a bit more fun. It is being held on Thursday October the 4th at 10 am until 12 pm. Everyone is welcome to come along!


Read the Current Newsletter Online

The Current Newsletter is now available to be read online by going to this page.

Copies of the Latest Newsletter and Previous Newsletter may still be downloaded for offline viewing in pdf format.

Upcoming Events


  • Mondays - Crochet Group
  • Mondays - Blankets for the Homeless Group
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday - Heartmoves at Willows
  • Tuesdays - OPAP Walking Group
  • Tuesdays - Cuppa and Card Game
  • Wednesday - Art-Ability and Art Groups


  • Friday - Scrapbooking / Craft
  • Wednesday - Eating with Friends

East Creek Older Person's Action Program

The Older Person's Action Program is about providing social support, information and education to vulnerable people over 60. If you would like more information about OPAP please contact Bea at the centre on (07) 4639 2755.

The Current OPAP Newsletter is now available to be read online.

PDF copies of the Latest OPAP Newsletter and Previous OPAP Newsletters may still be downloaded for offline viewing.

East Creek Community Centre

East Creek Community Centre is a catalyst for community development.

Our dedicated paid and volunteer staff provide services, support, advice, advocacy and professional development.

We work with community groups and individuals throughout Toowoomba.

East Creek's programs are for everyone - children, adolescents, young adults, seniors, people with disabilities, multicultural groups and those who are socially isolated.

We encourage all members of the community to participate.

Become a volunteer, learn a new skill, attend an information session, plant a garden, develop your writing skills or learn to use a computer.

For over twenty years, the Centre has delivered innovative programs that meet the community's changing needs.

Members of East Creek Community Centre are welcomed to attend committee meetings held on the 3rd Thursday of every month, starting at 5.30pm. Please call the centre for more details.

Come and join us.

There's lots to do!

Help us to help others

East Creek Community Centre is there when most needed.

Our Centre provides programs and services aimed at building inclusion and resilience in the community.

Our work increases important life skills, helps those in crisis and reduces social isolation.

Your donation will ensure that we can be there, for the community, every time.

Contact us today to find out how you can help us to help others.

Cultural Guidance Statement

If you wish to know how East Creek Community Centre endeavours to maintain cultural competence, please see our Cultural Guidance Statement Here.

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